Cullen began drumming at the age of 15 while living in Detroit, Michigan; where he studied at the East Detroit Conservatory of Music
for 5 years.  Later, he studied music for performance and education
an additional five years at the University level. In recent years, Cullen
has studied with various well-known drummers such as Dom
Famularo and Ron Thaler.

         During the next 24 years following his education, he began professional work in all styles of music: Rock, Jazz, Top 40, Rap, Country, R&B, Funk, Latin, Gospel and Symphonic. Cullen has
performed across the United States (LA to New York) and Europe (Iceland, Scotland, England, Belgium and Holland).

         In his early years of performing, Cullen began teaching privately at his own studio.  He started with 5-10 students weekly and in 1998, he began teaching at Brent’s Music Headquarters as well. This multi-talented man presently has a dynamic student roster of 50-55 weekly, while managing advanced students who teach additional students with his guidance using his “Complete Drum Set Training System.” This private instruction eventually led to teaching drum sectionals in Florida public school classes, elementary through university level clinics and summer music camps.  His 25 years of experience in individual and group instruction with both children and adults from beginner through advanced, has led him to develop “The Complete Drum Set Training System”

         Due to his varied experience in performing and teaching, Cullen has been able to help individuals, private and public schools as well as churches; choose the proper drum equipment. With his extensive knowledge gained through working in various drum venues, Cullen is able to ensure they purchase the right equipment for their various musical settings.

         Cullen’s recording experience began with the Link Brothers Studio, where he recorded drum parts for television and radio commercials.  He also recorded parts for various artist’s demos and cd projects such as gospel singer Larry Ford, country singer Gary Link and many others.  Cullen continued this same work at Steve Roger’s Studio after Gary’s premature death.  Steve Rogers is now a well-known producer and arranger in the Nashville recording scene.  Cullen has also recorded with bands he has worked with: Tanguaray Bay, New Manna Band and is preparing to record in 2006 with his original funky/rock free form jam band Mongolia Drive, formerly know as the Emergency Replacement Band.  Even with his busy schedule, Cullen is finding time to write his teaching system in book form, as there has never been a complete comprehensive and progressive method of teaching the drum set, from beginning to advanced levels.  “The Complete Drum Set Training System” is such a method and will be available in 2009, but in the mean time; the first exercise book for drum set in this system is available now.

You can now purchase Cullen’s, “8th Note Grooves for Drum Set” as well as other products directly from Cullen.

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