Dear Music Students,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Cullen Horne both personally and
professionally for over 15 years and have witnessed him relate to all
kinds of people on an honest and caring level while continuing to stand
by his principles.

For the last 7 years he has been teaching in my music store, and to the
best of my knowledge Cullen is the only full time career drum teacher in
the tri-county area, and possibly all of Southwest Florida. He has developed
a consistent and comprehensive teaching system that works with kids as
young as 4 years old, while engaging and compelling even seasoned
drummers to become better musicians.

Cullen's full time teaching load has brought many musicians into my store
looking for drum equipment. He has even taken time in between lessons to
sell drum equipment and assist my techs in the purchasing of drum
equipment for store inventory.

It has been a pleasure hearing Cullen play with some of the local top 40
bands, as well as his original jam band "ERB". While working in my sound
and lighting company I have observed some talented drummers; and I
place Cullen up there in that class of player. He obviously loves learning,
teaching and is very enthusiastic and charismatic performer.

Since 1999 Cullen has hosted an annual Drum-Fest where he gives his
students a chance to showcase their hard work and the results of Cullen's
personal teaching techniques. I have been honored in the past and look
forward to helping in the future, to sponsor this event which brings in
professional talent from put of the area as well as entertains and
encourages students to continue with their music studies.

I would recommend Cullen to any company as both a performer and an
educator to represent their products.

Brent Welder, President

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