I have spent 25 years of my life developing a system for learning to play the
drum set. Of course, any related concert band/symphony hand percussion or snare drum skills are included. Playing drums and teaching them properly has been a
full time career for years. I believe this system is fulfilling a need in the drumming community that is long overdue.

I have found that drummers of all ages are working with an incomplete knowledge/facility on the drum set. There also seems to be a lack of continuity between the pieces they do know. They either had teachers with incomplete training themselves or they are self-taught, and their teacher (themselves) has no training in drums.

My system has proven to teach the drums comprehensively from beginning to
advanced levels. The Drums by Cullen “Complete Drum Set Training System” includes reading music, independent coordination, stick and pedal techniques and study in all styles of music. The techniques in this system will help the student to integrate the
visual (reading music) with the audio (hearing drum parts) and the physical (hand
and foot coordination) in a systematic process.

I have also found that most drummers, who have had lessons, have been taught
too slowly. Either they spent too much time on any one lesson or they failed to
receive the proper practice habits for each technique of drumming. The Drums by
Cullen “Complete Drum Set Training System” teaches each student how to practice
every facet of the material. This system also teaches the proper amount of time to
spend on each section of each lesson.

One of the biggest problems I have observed in drummers is the lack of order in
which they got their knowledge. There generally is no order to the teaching. This
leaves many drummers frustrated with some techniques, because they didn’t learn
the elementary technique that came previously, smoothing the road to the present advanced technique. Each limb of the body has it’s own coordination difficulties with
the whole body and mind, and there is an order in which they should be approached.
The Drums by Cullen, “Complete Drum Set Training System” teaches the proper order to learn each aspect of drumming from
hand and foot techniques to rudiments. This system will end your frustration by taking each step in the proper sequence!
Maybe now drummers can lay aside their pride that seemingly hides their lack of knowledge and get real help. The only healthy attitude to have is an open minded, willingness to learn. No one drummer has perfected all there is to know. I am still learning and growing as a person and drummer; let me help you in your worthwhile quest to be the best drummer you can be!

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